Use Bamboo For Fiber or Fabric – Ideal For Dish Cloths and Placemats

June 14, 2012 | Uncategorized | RSS 2.0

The idea of using bamboo for fiber or fabric is one that should be looked in to more. The idea of using the bamboo is a reliable one as it provides you with a renewable resource that is more plentiful than trees or other alternatives. The idea of using bamboo fibers and fabrics for dishcloths and placemats also provides you with a more sterol environment as well. With bamboo you have a material that you can use for anything from fabric to food depending on how it is prepared. You will also find with bamboo there are several ways to harvest the plant and that harvesting is actually good for the rest of the bamboo forest.

Using bamboo for your dishcloths will also help not scratch your finer dinner wear. That is because bamboo is used to create some of the softest fabric you will find to use in your home or business. With bamboo placemats, you have a way to create a beautiful natural dinning set. You can have your placemats keep the natural look of bamboo or you can choose to have it changed to a color that matches your dcor. No matter what you choose from bamboo this is a great material that can help create a better ecofriendly world.

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