Glass Is Easy To Recycle

June 24, 2012 | Uncategorized | RSS 2.0

Taking care of the environment, is vitally important. Recycling can reduce waste and pollution. Almost everything can be recycled. Glass products can easily be recycled. Recycling converts glass, into a reusable product. Reusing glass waste, assists in keeping landfills from becoming larger. Many states encourage glass recycling, by requiring a deposit on glass bottles, jars and other glass products. When a consumer purchases a product, they pay extra money for the glass. When the consumer returns the glass items for recycling, they receive a refund of the original deposit. This encourages consumers to recycle glass.The whole story can be found at Other states have created laws, making it illegal to not recycle.

At home, people can make recycling easier. Many people create an area in their home, devoted to recycling. Consumers purchase bins and label the bins, to hold different recyclable materials. People wash the glass containers, making sure to remove plastic or metal lids. Glass containers have recycling symbols on the bottom, to assist with proper classification. When the bins are filled, consumers can take the bins to a collection site. A collection site may be a buy-back center, drop-off center or curbside area. Collection sites rewash and break glass, to be sent to factories.

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